Help4Assignment-UK Review- Leads you towards disappointment!

Help4Assignment - UK Review

Help4Assignment - UK Review

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            Help4Assignment-UK Review- Worst Service ever!

            Not an assignment help service provider you can think of taking help from. After reading Help4assignment-Uk Review, I got to know that it’s not a reliable site. Some of my known students took help from Help4Assignment – UK, and missed their deadline. They are now retaking the entire course! This is not professionalism. Being a student is tough, I know!


            Struggling Being A Student

            Pressure during the study period to get good grades is insurmountable. You face lot of pressure from the faculty to produce quality assignment. It becomes hard to manage social as well as academic life at the same time. On the top of that, your supervisors or tutors ask you to submit coursework well on time and as per their expected quality.  So to handle the chaos and to submit your work on time, use of online assignment services becomes a necessity. You cannot deny that!

            Nowadays, lot of companies are available to help you with your assignment writing. But only few are worthy enough of your money. Not all of them provide the service you expect. In this review, I will assess the service quality of Help4Assignment which serves students from the United Kingdom. I watched over Help4Assignment-UK Review. They were not at all pleasing to me.

            Let me tell you, none of my students are happy with this company’s service. And I am sure they are not likely to recommend this company to anybody else. The services that this company provides are limited, and you might end up getting nothing as per the requirement.

            Failed to stand by my expectations

            After checking over Help4Assignment-UK Review, I decided to visit their website. When I visit a site from where you can get your assignments, I want to see at least the basic things for my use. When I visited Help4Assignment, the first thing that I noticed was limited number of services that they provide. Also, I didn’t see any details about the work that they do or the subjects and courses that they work on, mentioned anywhere on their webpage.

            I had to talk to their customer care team to get the details about the work they can deliver. Also, the company has only one contact number to connect with them. Number is not toll free and you have to spend your money on phone bills to talk to them. Imagine your phone bill if you have to explain your work requirement on the phone!

            Customer Service

            It is obvious that one number for providing service is not enough. One good thing is that they have live chat option on thier webpage. But their response time is bit slower. You will find them online all the time, but due to slow response time, it seems worthless. I don’t understand why they provide such a lousy response time to the customers.

            I came up with this conclusion after I decided to connect with them. Then, I connected with them on their live chat option, the customer care team took almost fifteen minutes to understand what actually I am asking. Then they placed me on hold for next 30 minutes! Awful!!

            Awful! Services

            In one case during my testing process, I found that they will tell you chat with their assignment writing professionals but you can’t be sure that you are talking with the one actually.  I put forth some doubts on the way they are operating, and to my surprise, the chat disconnected! Now you can imagine what a student faces while availing services from Help4Assignment.

            One of the interesting thing I found that until you have not made the payment, they will look as an angel to you. The moment you made the payment, stay assured you are doomed! One of my known students got 36 out 100 and had to retake the assignment. When she asked for refund, they flatly denied.

            Even the delivery was not all good. You have to send them multiple reminder to ensure that you get your assignment done on time. Otherwise, there is no point that they gonna deliver it on time. If you cannot submit the assignment on time, then what is the point of spending so much money on it? :/


            Being a student you may be tight on budget, almost always. You cannot spend limitlessly on anything. The same is with the assignment help service. You are required to choose the services that are cheaper and provides good quality. But, here at Help4Assignment, story is something else. On one hand, they charge high prices and on the other, you get filthy assignments. In case you need an assignment in 24 hours, you will have to think twice before ordering it. The more the urgency, the higher their rates!

            In the beginning, you may feel as if you have done a great job by placing an order with Help4Assignment. But, by the end you will realize that this is not the service you should have invested in. So, do an in-depth research before using a specific assignment service.

            Penny Goldstein Author

            I have been reviewing various assignment services for the past few years. I have extensive experience in the academic field. I would like to know your opinion on the service I have reviewed above. Please leave your comment.


              Pauly Jim

              (July 9, 2017 - 9:14 am)

              I had a very Awful! experience with they took my money… please don’t trust this website they are fake.


              (July 29, 2017 - 10:05 am)

              Yes Penny, they are worse!


              (July 31, 2017 - 12:33 pm)

              Just worse. No one go to them. Plesae save your money.

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