Why Online Reviews are important?

Hey guys. Well, this article is about a crucial and sensitive topic, i.e., Online Reviews. You know,  in today’s time, online websites are growing at lightning speed. Every other day, hundreds of new sites are emerging. But, with that, many scams are appearing too. Competition has become tougher.

Now, how do we trust and any website? As an online consumer, you tend to move towards the online reviews of that site, right? Online reviews are very important when it comes to trusting a new or even an old website. But, not all reviews are correct.

My motive for writing this article is to help you out in finding the correct ways to trust an online site. Also, I want to help the owners of a website to know that why it is essential to maintain their sites ORM(Online Reputation Management). It’s my concern that you should not regret in any form. So, let’s see how it works.

Genuine Concerns of an Online Consumer

There are many times when you face this situation of getting confused. Confused, of whether to trust a website or not? Well, this question is genuine.

It can quickly be sorted out by using the help of Online reviews. These days, 90% of users prefer reading online reviews before using services on a website. Many of the users take online reviews as a personal one on one guidance.

But my friend, not all the reviews are genuine. Few will say negative things about a website, but you should never trust blindly. One of the consumers whom I know had many confusions regarding online reviews like, there are negative reviews too, angry comments and many other things. The user was concerned about missing on a genuine site by trusting these negative comments.

To this, I Would say that not all negative comments are genuine. Many are fake too, and the same thing can happen with the positive reviews. You must be able to judge the scam reviews. This is where I want to give some briefing.

I will help you in detecting genuine and fake reviews. Later, in this article, I will cover few points in general which will surely help you. But, first, let’s discuss the importance of Online reviews.

Importance of Online Reviews


Following points will tell you why online reviews are important:

  • Builds trust of a user/online customer- seeing a review, the user can either like or dislike the services of a site. Online reviewing is this strong.
  • Clear Confusions- If you look into a site for the first time, you go to its reviews and check out what others have to say about it. This is how you make your mind. Online Reviews in the form of ratings leave an impact on the user. More stars means good site and low numbers of stars indicate, not that good.
  • More than 90% of the consumers read online reviews these days before, they move onto using the services of a site.
  • Consumers are likely to attract towards the sites which have excellent reviews like 4 to 5 stars. They tend to spend more on these websites. It is important for both the owner and the consumer to keep a check on the ratings of the site.
  • 72% of the online consumers say that the positive reviews make them trust a local business more. 92% of the people spend money on a business which has at least a 4-star rating. So, ratings are significant.
  • With online reviews, you can judge- the reliability, professionalism, and expertise of a site.
  • Negative online reviews tend to- divert the mind of a consumer from a website which has more of negative reviews rather than positive.

Online reviews do make an impact on your business. If you are a businessman, then you should keep a check on your websites.

Following are the points on how you can respond to negative online reviews on your websites:

  • Respond point to point and with a crisp and clear answer.
  • Be real as people will not trust on fake replies. Admit your mistakes but, only at times when you feel that the issue is genuine and provide solutions to make things right.
  • Ask your loyal, happy customers to share their reviews as it will surely help.
  • Be consistent with your replies. Try to highlight your good points but do not stretch too much.

It will surely help you in maintaining your Online Reputation.

How to detect fake Online reviews?


So, finally we have come up to the most important part, and that is, how to detect fake Online reviews? Not all the negative and positive reviews are genuine. Few of them can be fake too. You might miss on an excellent site due to its fake-negative online reviews. So, let’s see what you should check for while reading Online reviews:

  • The most important thing is to check the account of the person posting the review. If it’s a newly created account or an anonymous account, then it can be fake.
  • Check the point of the review. Try to get the exact motive of that review. If it’s baseless negative or positive comment, then it’s entirely fake. When someone posts an online review, they write down the points too, where they have been helped or cheated.
  • Read the tone of the comments. Note down the similar complaints or praises. It gives you an idea of the actual quality of the service being provided by the site. Like, there will be many negative comments but, are there similarities too or are they just random negative points. Random negative points are likely to be fake.
  • Check for valid information that the review is providing you like, whether the person is putting up numbers or other such data regarding his complaint. If there is convincing proof, then the review can be genuine.
  • Another crucial point is to check the replies or management feedbacks on the reviews. Check out what others have to say about that review and especially the management. If there are genuine and consistent replies by the management, then you can judge for yourself, that what they are trying to say in reply. Maybe, there were issues from the consumers side or maybe not.


So, online reviews are very important for both the owner of a site and the online consumer who has visited the site. I hope this information will be useful for both. If you like this information, then do let me know through your comments below.

You can check out our review section to get a better idea. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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